About us

ZIGZAG vzw aims to run an art gallery and other related artistic and cultural events in the widest and broadest sense of the word.

To achieve this goal, ZIGZAG vzw has the following activities:

  • Organising and setting up national or international exhibitions;
  • Bringing together and inspiring national and international artists;
  • To organise workshops to enrich the knowledge of art relations;
  • Organising studio visits;
  • Managing a website where artists can show their work;
  • Organising cultural events and generally stimulating public interest in art;
  • Preserving and/or promoting the profession of artists or performers;
  • To realise all artistic projects in the broadest sense, either in co-production or under our own management;
  • Organising or supporting education and training projects to help artists and organisations professionalise and promote self-reliance.