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Marzena Nalepa, Untitled - 2021

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Dimensions 100 × 80 cm



Marzena Nalepa (born 1983) works and lives in Wołomin. She is a trained teacher. Painting is for her a passion, a kind of vocation, an escape from reality, an emotional regulator in the world. She never took lessons in that direction - she is a typical autodidact. She has always been fascinated by people, their emotions, feelings and experiences. She looks for inspiration in life, in people, relationships, emotions and in everything that surrounds her. The greatest and inexhaustible treasure trove and source of inspiration in her work is people and birds, of which she is a lover. She is enchanted by folk art and that is why folk motifs often appear in her works. In her paintings, she mainly highlights the figure of a woman, and the colour and beauty of the human body is for her the greatest emotional support. Her work is characterised by her typical style, which makes her works easily recognisable.